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This Sunday’s Sermon

From Pastor Darren:

Throughout the seven Sundays of the Easter season (April 12-May 30) you will see two candles on either side of the pulpit. The large one is the paschal candle representing the light of Christ. On the other side of the pulpit is a smaller white candle wrapped with barbed wire. It is the “amnesty candle” (known as the symbol for Amnesty International) and it represents hope for the victims of oppression. We light the amnesty candle from the paschal candle to represent the hope of liberation and restoration that the risen Christ brings to the world. Each Sunday we are praying for various social concerns as we light the candle.  

Sermon Title: “Raising Justice”

First Lesson: John 20:27-28

Gospel Lesson: 1 Corinthians 15:12-26

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