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2024 Lenten study; click cover for pdf.

The North Study Series: The following study guides are either available now or will be available soon as both paperbacks and ebooks on,,,,,, and other retail outlets.

The North study guides are ideal for both individual and small-group use, and as companion guides to sermon series. Each study guide includes background information and questions for personal reflection and small-group discussions. And all of the studies have been “road tested” with a real congregation — North UMC.

All proceeds go directly to North United Methodist Church.

Satisfy your hungry heart with “Desires of the Heart.”

During Lent, explore five essential ways we discover God’s grace in our lives.

Don’t know how to pray? Try 40 Ways in 40 Days: A Guide to Prayer.”

Enrich your worship experience with “In Spirit and Truth.

Go beyond fundraising and stewardship campaigns with “More Than Money.”

Find your spiritual role model in “Profiles in Faith.

Discover the true meanings of Jesus’s death in “Reclaiming the Cross.”

Learn the language of the soul in “The Singing Garden: A Study of the Book of Psalms.”